Sunday, January 20, 2008


We found colorful tomato cages in, of all places, Rugby, ND last June. Much as I wanted some, there didn't seem to be a practical way to bring them home via train and plane, but gee, surely one could find them in Sacramento!? NOT!
However, leave it to the wonderful ordering person (her name is Cheryl and no its not me) at Windmill Nursery in Carmichael, CA., they're here now! The ONLY reason I didn't purchase one (or 2 or 6) today was because I couldn't decide upon the color and 6 weren't in my budget even though they are only $16.49 each. Pretty sure that fuschia one will be #1 on my list.
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Angela said...

Fuchsia, orange and red are a must. If I could only have two... fuchsia and orange. If I could only have one... fuchsia.

Connie said...

Those are way cool! I think I would have a hard time picking a color, as well.
North Dakota is my home state...I just returned from a trip there on Amtrak to see my Dad. Do you have relatives there?

weeder1 said...

Hi Connie!
Yes I do have relatives there. Mostly in the Rugby area. We flew to Portland, OR last June and then took the train from there to Rugby. It was fun.Where are your relatives?

chuck b. said...

What a good idea! Kinda pricey, but still. (How much are regular cages + can of spray paint? Usually, I'm skeptical about...gimmicky merchandise, but in a vegetable garden it's good.

weeder1 said...

Hi Chuck B!
These seem to actually be vinyl coated and the wire is thicker than most tomato cages. Ya just gotta love the colors!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Those are way too cool. I want.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Way to cool, I want

chuck b. said...

I would get orange. I think that color would look best with ripe red tomatoes--or yellow, or purple/black, or red.

I can see why the vinyl would be nice, but I strongly tempted to try this with spray paint.

At any rate, I'll have to mention these to my neighborhood nursery's manager. She likes me.

Anonymous said...

I bought 4 today in Los Angeles and only paid 9.99.

weeder1 said...

I did go back to look at these again and they are NOT vinyl covered. It is just paint. But still way cool.
Anon, do you have a photo of yours to post?

paul said...


We thank all of you for the support of our products. It's fun to see them out in the market. The paint is powder coat and this year(09), we are painting over galvanised wire for extra rust prevention. We have a wide variety of new products as well and will be marketing them all over North America and beyond!
All American made too!
Thank you, Paul

Paul said...

Hello fellow garden people! Oops, my spelling- should be galvanized- not galvanised- Anyways, as I mentioned in the previous msg, we are creating many new products this year(09) and have a great core color group of lime green, fuchsia, red, yellow, and orange. Alot of cool stuff at lower costs.
Again, Thank You for giving our products a try. Happy Gardening! Paul