Friday, January 04, 2008

THE storm. Continued.

The ditches were running high. The transformers were exploding like popcorn. My power was out for about 2.5 hours but some of my neighbors are still without it several hours later so I can't Grinch. I did Grinch..until #1 Son helped me get my computer speaking to the world again tonight. May have fried the router. Olives were pelting the roof, the sidewalk, the road. Rain was falling in proverbial buckets.
The "rivers" ran down my driveway, dammed up by leaves and/or branches. My feet stayed dry thanks to Dear Friend, Angela, who gave me a pair of Wellies last fall. Hope she doesn't read this; she may want them back. ;>)
The crummy fence that the neighbors had built a few years ago laid down, giving me a nice view of their grapefruit crop. The folks living at that house recently moved so there is nobody there to pick them up. I wonder if they'd mind sharing. I don't even know who owns the house. Maybe a bank. Say, does anyone want some chasmanthe? ;>)
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Lisa (Galowar) said...

We've got parts of your storm up here too... lots of big wind and rain. Although we don't have olives raining down on anything. That's how I know you're in California, and I'm not.