Saturday, January 05, 2008

The storm, Part 3

My Knight in Soggy Armor and his Fair Damsel came to the rescue! My brother was busy on the end of a saw too. If we all had neighbors like Larry & Jan, and if we'd all BE neighbors like Larry & Jan, what a fine world this would be! Naturally it absolutely poured on us for the, hey, did anybody happen to note just how long we we were out there?..entire time and the rain stopped the moment we were done. All of us absolutely soaked to the marrow.
(that's my brother peeking from behind the debris) Olive wood is very, very dense and very, very heavy so even though the tree came slowly down on the house, it DID do some damage. However, after looking at local damage photos, and seeing what happened at some other neighbors' houses, WE WERE REALLY LUCKY! The occupants have reported no leaking and the owner of the home did not faint dead away when she came by to inspect the situation. There are, of course, some repairs that need to be made to the house as well as the replacement of ONE 8' section of fence. There were only a couple of broken boards and a bent doohickey. Fence repair will be easy.
THIS fence repair will be easy. Jeff used screws instead of nails....the only way to go! That other 30' of crummy fence, on the other side of the property, is made of cheap green lumber and nails. I'm hoping we can just prop it up.
There is an entire tree, in parts, that will need to be disposed of. Anybody want some free firewood for next year?
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