Friday, January 25, 2008

Dawson & Phoebe

This is Dawson. He would much rather be outside, emptying the bird feeders, if you get my drift. This is not an option for him so he pretty much sleeps all day and then hunts for four-footed gray things with long naked tails at night when he is allowed to go outside.
This is Phoebe giving Dawson "neck nibbles". The bluriness is more from the vibrations of the neck nibbles than due to the fact the cat was moving his head. They do this a lot.
Someties Dawson has had enough. Mind you, moments before this was taken, he was licking Phoebe's face in the sweetest pussycat way.
And then, they're done.
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Marko said...

LOL! (no, really! I Laughed Out Loud!)