Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random thoughts

I can not believe that today is the last day of August! It must have flown due to #1. my Dental Adventure, #2. The possibility that I might actually get to move to Corvallis, OR., and #3. My back spasms which have me walking like a troll.

Now I just need my very own digital camera so that current pictures can be posted.

There are two beautiful Bantam (Banty) roosters wanting new homes here. One is red and the other is black and white. I do not mind crowing and thus far, the neighbors have stated that they enjoy hearing the "boys" (there have been roosters crowing here for the past 8 years) but fertile eggs, if not discovered, result in even MORE chickens and MORE roosters and, well, I've had enough. Chickens are the most wonderful garden helpers (if one doesn't have too many of them). There are virtually no snails on this place any more. There is an abundance of fresh fertilizer. There are delicious fresh eggs to eat. I do not want to be henless, just roosterless. Anyhow, these fellows are penned and/or caged now and really, really want to wander around someone else's property. And, they're FREE! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

#^*!#!! deer

The black potato vine was showing itself off nicely last month and laughing at its chartreuse cousin who'd just had all its leaves eaten off by Bambi and friends. Naively, I thought "Well, at least they don't like the black ones nor the pink and green ones." The deer came back to prune another of the chartreuse potato vines before I got "clever" and hung them higher and closer to the house. Or so I thought.

Since they had not bothered this black one, it got left out in the middle of the front lawn. It was quite pretty and growing quickly until....

a few days ago. Now it is a vine of sticks too. The vines DO grow back nice and thick so there is a good lesson in pruning here, but golly gee whiz! After tasting this one, they sampled the pink and green one too. Wish they'd just stick to defoliating the perennial morningglory. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006


After typing an entire page of perfect and profound prose this morning, I hit the "publish" button only to have the entire thing vanish into polluted air. Now, since the day has worn on and the three brain cells are no longer in top form, this will be composed in a rather slip-shod manner. Let's see, what was I grousing about this morning? Could it have been that I woke up looking like the poster woman for W.E.A.V.E.? Left eye; black. Corner of the left side of the mouth; purple. Face swollen. Upper lip swollen. Fortunately, all this was due to recent oral surgery. I've cashed in my ancient dentures and partial plate for a brand spankin' new set of perfect, white falsies. AS IN TEETH! So, if my current dreadful appearance is the worst thing that ever happens to me then I am blessed indeed. However, I am trying not to go out in public. Hate to frighten the little children you know. "Mommy, isn't it early for Halloween?" Can happily report that 5# did fall off my frame between the last visit to the oral surgeon and this one..about a month's time. It is possible that even more lardage will melt away...unless I decide that soft ice cream is better than soft smashed potatoes. I'm going to the state fair next Friday! What ever shall I eat? Cotton candy! Ice cream! um, more cotton candy, more ice cream...

While I have been foolishly spending money on the Tooth Fairy, my kids have been busy doing odd things. My daughter-in-law has climbed to the top of Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Adams, and the South sister; all "humps and bumps" in the Cascade range. She has also given me acute vertigo by sending me photos taken from atop the rocks at Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon. Meanwhile, my son-her-husband, has ridden the 100 mile LiveStrong Challenge (Is that what its called?) in Oregon and even managed to keep up with Lance Armstrong for a few of those miles. We have the photos to prove it! Last week he "only" rode 70 miles in elevations up to 1,100'. I do not know where he got the masochist gene from. My daughter has spent a good portion of the summer camping with her friend. (she finally sent photos..he is CUTE!)

Peabody the Peahen tried to raise a kid this year but managed to squash every chick (Bantum) as it hatched. She is still trying to take the only chick from the two banty hens who are raising it. (there were 2 chicks..I don't know what took the other one in the middle of the night) Peabody needs to go live at the zoo. Poor dear. I had no idea what a miracle bably last year's chick was!

the deer are still eating the potted plants by the house. MY house, not theirs. There is more to tell about the deer but I am going to attempt to publish this before it vanishes. Please excuse the spelling. Bl;ame it on the Darvocet and the Ibuprofen!
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