Monday, January 14, 2008

blooming surprises

The Tillandsia produced not one but three flowers! That may be common. I wouldn't know as this is my first one. Here's another first

for me; The Venus fly trap has sent up a flower stalk!
And I really don't remember the String of Pearls blooming for me before...probably because they usually die first. This one is thriving on neglect. It is hanging under the Bonsai-on-steroids, aka Juniper, and just as happy as if it had good sense.
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chuck b. said...

I've never seen string-of-pearls bloom either, but that bud looks just like another trailing succulent I have...can't remember the name. Looks like fish hooks on a line..? The flowers aren't esp. interesting, unfortunately.

weeder1 said...

I dash out between raindrops tomorrow and see if the buds have opened. If so, I'll take photos. I think they look sort of like tiny daisies.