Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pretty peppers


This fabulous string of peppers just arrived from Seattle thanks to my cousin and his partner! You too can have a string of beauty in you kitchen. Just go to
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

morning photos


there are supposed to be photos here. Three of 'em. All I see is an entire paragraph of codes. Hopefully, the codes will turn into photos when I hit the publish button. If not, I'll have to bug Angela again to FIX IT! ;>) I am so not techno-savvy.
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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Obviously I need to learn to always stick my finger in the pot before assuming that it contains a thirsty plant. I actually suspect that the roots got boiled on this poor Persian Shield. It's a hot spot in the morning in which anything would droop, but then it's shady the rest of the day. Obviously, when the potting soil bag says that it has water retaining gizmos in it, one should pay attention! the poor little Persian is reviving after a rather severe pruning. (They are tough, aren't they!) The other plants are doing fine, though I did move the lime green sweet potato vine to a shadier location.
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Monday, July 16, 2007


Does anyone know what this clown was used for? He's about 10" tall and obviously not a vase. The piece says "Marcia of Calif." on the bottom, along with "A 85" and USA. Maybe a t.v. lamp?

Naturally I can find other stuff by Marcia of Calif. but nothing like this. He's been up on a shelf in my parents' home for a very long time and had to have been a gift since neither of them was particularly fond of clowns. I don't like clowns (rodeo clowns are ok for some reason) and I don't think my brother was ever a clown fan either. He's a bit of a mystery. The clown, not my brother. Oh. Wait...

Mr. Clown will be for sale as soon as I get an idea as to what he's worth. 99 cents? $99.00? Heck, I don't have a clue! Help?
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Maude's Make-over

Poor old Maude. She smiled real big and her face simply cracked and fell off. She was immediately whisked away for a massive make-over and, "Voila"! Just amazing what a little hair color, instant tan, and lipstick can do for a girl isn't it?
Here is the "new and improved" Maude. Of course, she's got attitude now so looks even more formidable sitting in her chair by the driveway, guarding things, drinking her Margaritas, plotting...
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Sunday, July 01, 2007


Peabody forgot to take the old white rooster with her when she left!
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peafowl update

Phoebe (the doggie) and Peabody (the peahen) were really at play here, Phoebe thinking it was just grand that Peabody would chase her. Phoebe prefers to be chased rather than TO chase. Anyhow, the day after this picture was taken I managed to capture Peabody. She has gone to live on 18 acres with a real, live peacock so has to believe that she has died and gone to Heaven. I miss having her around but am happy that she is no longer crossing our busy street in search of love in all the wrong places. She will make a most excellent mother to her peachicks. She was, after all, an excellent mother to the one Bantum chick that she managed to hatch and not step on 2 years ago.
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