Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Plenty a' punkins!

The Davis Ranch in Sloughhouse, CA.
has pumpkins from the itty bitty ones
that will fit in you palm to some pretty
honkin' big ones. Red orange, orange,
spooky green, white, or greeinsh pumpkins.

Plus they have a corn maze.

Not to mention that they still have fresh corn-on-the-cob which is DELICIOUS! They have apples, melons, garlic, peas, beans, beets, nuts, herbs, I'm forgetting most of it! I bought fresh corn and fresh tomatoes; Angela bought corn, tomatoes, green beans and a melon...all for a pittance.

Davis Ranch
13501 Jackson Rd
Sloughhouse, CA

Just be careful driving out there because its a 2-lane country road which some people seem to think is a freeway.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Open House at Windmill Nursery

We had a grand time at Windmill Nursery's open house last night. The food was delicious, the wine was wonderful, and the people all friendly and fun. There was even live music! (hopefully the slide-show will show up here..I am never, ever sure about these things!) Of course I had to buy a few plants (10% of all yesterday's sales were donated to Wind Youth Services which helps homeless teens.) which I have been out planting this morning. (the plants, not the teens) Now its time to scuttle off to tend to The Nephew's yard and then to help Angela ready her yard for her upcoming interview with Sacramento Magazine! If the slide show didn't work then I'll post pictures later. Right now I gotta get my hands dirty! Toodles~

Friday, October 12, 2007

a "light" blanket

It may not even freeze this winter but just in case it does, the lights went up early. They do seem to aid in deterring Jack Frost from turning the tender plants to total mush. Of course, it does help that there is a fair amount of tree canopy overhead. The lights work here in the Sacramento area because we rarely get a "hard" freeze. One of the Anna's hummingbirds just kept right on lapping up the nectar from the orange Wild Birds Unlimited feeder on the kitchen window while I strung up the lights. (yet another pang of guilt. If the developer has his way with this 2.5 acres of trees & shrubs, where are all "my" little birds going to nest and find food? I'm not sleeping worth a damn these days.)
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spider plant in pumpkin witch'sbottom

ok. Well, it will do for now. The pot just fits nicely without going to the bottom of the pumpkin belly so it'll be easy to change. Angela says it needs spiders..plastic ones...gosh, I did remove a fat, hairy (real) jumping spider from the plant when I brought it inside. Guess I shoulda left the poor thing there. (No, I didn't kill it.) There are some black plastic spiders around here...somewhere...probably packed...
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Pumpkin butt planter

Pretty sure that this was meant to hold Halloween candy but I'm seeing it as a way cool planter! Might paint the "pumpkin" purple and then stick in a pot of chartreuse potato vine. OR, maybe it should be painted chartreuse and potted with purple leaf Tradescantia. I can't tell what the "pot" is made of but doubt it could be planted directly. A tiny label on the bottom of the shoes says "for indoor use only" , "not a toy" and "Made in China"....I don't plan to eat out of it.
The hole is big enough to accomodate a 2 gallon pot of something and "she" can stand inside during the wet season and outside in the sun or covered patio to work "her" magic.
Come to think of it, "she" could be turned over and use as a plant stand. Gotta love Target!
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It worked!!

a day in the East Bay...maybe..or maybe not

Have NO idea as to what I'm doing.."just copy and paste"...yeah. right. :>) there is supposed to be a link to a slide show here...all I see is code. dreaded code! Arghhhhh!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Monster Fernoctopus

Ya just gotta' love this plant. It looks like an escapee from Whoville. I must look for a little Cat-in-the-Hat figure to place in the pot with it! It has been living quite happily under the palm tree for several years but in my frustrated panic/stress mode (still hoping that damn developer will just go away) I dug it up today and potted it. It looks better in the pot...all gnarly and spooky. Hopefully it won't die. At least I'm trying to save it. (The developer would simply doze it along with everything else he told me made this place "such a beautiful park!") I will NEVER understand that.

If only I could grow Valium. ;>)
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Monday, October 01, 2007

'Tis the season

The folks out front got new duds today. Don't tell the Little Woman that her Halloween costume is fine because she thinks she looks tres glam and not Halloweenie at all. She thinks she's the poster girl for Mary Kay. Poor dear.
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