Monday, March 12, 2012

another project in progress

 The cottage garden looked a bit (bit?) bleak this winter so after some consultation on consolidating, I went a bit crazy. First a load of topsoil for a mound on which to plant a rainbow phormium,
 Naturally the hens were quite excited about a fresh pile of dirt so I had to fence it.. hopefully temporarily. They are leaving last year's perennials alone, and I am excited to see that all those lovely plants are coming back to life. The "blah" area will be quite colorful in another month or so!

 Then came the pea gravel. This is called "salt & pepper" and it is what I used for the path by the hen's pen. I love it. Leaves blow off and the gravel stays put.
 Pathways are not yet completed but I figure a few days of rest are in order. I unloaded two 1/2 cubic yard loads of this on Friday. According to the internet, 1/2 cubic yard of pea gravel weighs 1.3 tons.
 My empty pot collection is growing. Thank you, Taylor, for insisting I do this. I'll think of something to do with the pots.. perhaps succulents in the dog's yard where the deer won't dine on them.
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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

blue fish planters

I couldn't help myself. One fish came home with me last Wednesday. Friday morning found me picking up its pal as well. Couldn't have just one! Besides, they had been in the same display at the nursery. I love happy reunions. They've both been planted with Mexican feather grass and string-of-pearls. (Photos soon) I'm so happy to have them because I've recently (since then) been admonished to un-pot most everything else and plant it in the ground. Guess I'll have to have a "Garden of Empty Pots" somewhere.
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