Sunday, January 20, 2008

soon-to-be-succulent pot

This was on the clearance shelf at Michael's recently and I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't fork over the $5.00 and change to own it.
The Christmas design was just not condusive to year-round display so a little spray paint was applied and voila!
After it had spent 48 hrs in the house I took it back outside for a coat of clear spray and look what happened! These little webs popped out all over like an attack of varicose veins! Was it because the air was so cold? Actually, the clear spray had been out in the shed so was not at the optimum 60°. The cup was warm but the spray was cold? It isn't the look I was going for but I do like it. Do you suppose the paint will chip off in the textured places now? I'll let you know what happens when it dries.
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chuck b. said...

I like this too. I have a feeling it won't last. Unless you seal it with something else perhaps...

weeder1 said...

I'm not sure what to seal it with since the stuff I tried did that instant-crackle thing. I may try spraying it again when the weather warms up.