Saturday, January 05, 2008

Olive trees

Its kinda fun stepping on these. They don't make quite the satisfying crunch as a snail, but they do smell nice. Tracking them into the house is not cool. Especially if you have carpeting. I have hardwood floors. Still, purple olive glop is not so very attractive.
This is the sort of thing that makes one not like olive trees so very much. Granted, had they been pruned on a regular basis, this wouldn't be such an issue. Meanwhile, I can't seem to round up a crew to help me get my tree off the neighbors' house. Everyone with a chainsaw is busy either cleaning up their own mess or were already spoken for. And now, its raining again. I'm trying not to cry.
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chuck b. said...

Bummer about the tree, and the house damage!!

Someone I know was in Italy recently, and she said nowadays they prune olive trees there by sawing the trunk at 3-ft. high and let it stump sprout, which they do vigorously. Apparently, the new wood makes the most fruit, and it's easier to pick on smaller trees.

weeder1 said...

What a great idea! And then there would be SUNSHINE again for growing flowers! These trees haven't been properly pruned since the 1960's. They certainly Do sprout easily from the stumps. It is almost impossible to kill an olive tree. Almost.

Bill Stankus said...

Olive wood is also most excellent for carving. Properly dried so that checking is minimized, the wood is hard and takes a beautiful finish.

If you have any remaining pieces, carvers and woodturners would definitely be interested.