Sunday, January 20, 2008

dumpster fun

This was rescued from the dumpster at work last week. When my brother and I were kids, our folks sold olives to Orsi Brothers and took some payment in big tins of olive oil, similar to this. Unfortunately, there are none of those tins left. However, this one evokes the memories
AND serves a useful purpose! This is a baby olive tree from the orchard our parents bought 2.5 acres of in 1938. The parent trees have to be near 100 years old. This means nothing to the fellow who plans to develope this property but it does to us so I keep digging up babies and potting them up for the grandkids who want them. My son's tree even produced an olive this year and he lives in Portland! Ok, so the tree is still in a pot and its a house plant in the winter, but still.
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Connie said...

So cool...I love these kind of finds. And you are putting it to good use!

Bill Stankus said...

When my parents moved to Carmichael in 1947 they planted an olive tree. During the early 1970s I was picking the olives - they were the extra large kind - and processing them in a 3 gallon ceramic pot.

My parents sold the property, it was developed and the tree was cut down.

What a loss. At least we had several years to enjoy tasty olives.

weeder1 said...

Our folks picked and sold olives for several years and Mom always cured a crock or two every fall. I learned how to do it when I came back here 11 years ago and everybody loved them. Have not cured any for the past 2 years. Who would of thought that something cured in toilet cleaner (lye) could taste so good! ;>)