Sunday, July 26, 2009

when what to my wondering eyes did appear...

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This may explain why there seems to be a baby deer bounding out of its hidey place no matter where I wander in the yard. Doereen didn't just have twins this year, she has triplets! If you click on the photo you should get a close up of, left to right, Gizmo, Doereen, Post Script (at her back legs), and Pixel. Post Script is tiny but very fast. Apparently triplets are not unusual in Black Tail deer. In fact, they may even have quads in their later years. Oh joy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

where the deer can't go





Scenes from Phoebe-dog's yard. The whole yard would probably look like this if not for the hungry deer. But then, my water bill would just be higher so perhaps the deer help keep me under control.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

a few things that have made me laugh in the last 24 hrs


First off, this is a statue of Ben Ali, who was a famous racehorse from these parts way back when. I think he looks entirely too fat to be a race horse. But that isn't what made me really laugh. Oh no. It was while visiting with some neighbor ladies last evening, one of whom was just getting control of a major toothache, which is going to result in a root canal, and I, of course, had to brag that I was once considered The Queen Of Root Canals. And if that wasn't enough, I said "I've even had two retro root canals." D looked at me in shock and asked, loudly, "RECTAL ROOT CANALS?" The rest of us nearly spit Margaritas across the table. That was a cleansing laugh. Today there were two laugh-out-loud events but neither was a belly laugh. #1; I spied what appeared to be a homeless man pushing his grocery cart full of bottles & cans,with even more bottles and cans tied to the cart, up the street. He was having to work at this pretty hard because he only had one available hand/arm....because the other one was holding a cell phone up to his ear. So perhaps he isn't really homeless because don't you have to have a real address to have a cell phone? Or, two, it was like Whoopie Goldberg in "The Telephone" wherein she carried on many conversations with many folks throughout the entire movie...but the phone was non functional. (which you didn't know until the end of the movie)The other thing that made me laugh was the window full of manikins in some posh-ish store at the mall-I-rarely-frequent. They were all dressed in woman's high fashion..but lacking wigs..which made them look like a window full of well dressed transvestites. Their faces looked decidedly mannish to me. Not that there's anything wrong with a window full of trannies!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fiesta Flowers!




It was $8.99 at Target but I just couldn't resist!! Its hanging in Phoebe's yard so it will be safe from the inquisitive deer taste buds. If it is as tough as its cousins in the purslane family it ought to just love it here. 103° at the moment. time to go jump back into the stock tank!
Roostie and The Girls are checking out the Zen Garden today. I just tossed them some grapes which they found delightful.
Trying not to worry about the son and daughter-in-law who are somewhere off Whidby Island (which I've probably just spelled wrong) in sea kayaks for cryin' out loud! What? ME worry? You betcha.
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Friday, July 17, 2009



Meanwhile, back at the house...this is either Pixel or Gizmo resting comfortably INSIDE one of the fenced-off flower beds. The picture was taken through one of my not-exactly-sparkling kitchen windows. the little varmint was in there yesterday too but I was unable to get a picture. Doereen is napping on the front lawn so the other fawn is probably near by too.
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Verna & Atha's Big Day Out




I opened the chicken pen door a little bit ago and watched the girls mosey out. I was so afraid that Roostie would immediately um, hug them, but he knew his job was to teach them how to scratch for food and he took to the task immediately...sent leaves just a'flyin', he did. But what's this? I just peeked out to see the girls hovering around their pen door and Roostie is up here by the house! Has he gotten so frustrated by their lack of enthusiasm that he has quit as their teacher? Oh my. The drama.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

the dumb clucks


Actually, I'm beginning to feel a glimmer of hope. Last night Verna put herself to bed and Atha wasn't hard to catch. This morning they pecked, (actually pecked!) at some melon and tonight they both put themselves to bed. I think as soon as I get my errands run in the morning that I will open the gate and let them out into the BIG world....and hope that Roostie doesn't totally spoil their Big Adventure. Heck, maybe they'll like his attention. who knows.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sea life?


Look! Sea lions! No, Walrus! Oh, they are slugs. That reminds me, anybody got any tame ducks needing a new home?
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Old Hens


May I introduce you to Atha (red) and Verna (blond)? They came to live with us the night before last and hopefully their little chicken brains are processing the fact that this is The Safe Place to go into every evening. The plan is to let them roam "free range" to gorge on snails and other delicacies during the daylight hours. This may be a joke as they not only seem to be ancient girls but also refugees from a factory-type egg operation. They don't really know how to act like chickens! I've seen only a little scratching in the pile of leaf mold that they are currently living upon. Mostly they just stand around, staring at each other or sometimes watching Roostie as he struts around their pen bragging on what a Big Stud Rooster his little Bantam body is really. Why, these sweet old spinsters are most certainly I dare let them out for rapeage and pillage? (I know. Spellcheck wasn't impressed either)
The girls were named after two ladies who lived in this neighborhood back in the 40's and 50's, Atha O'Brian and Verna Loveall. I was just a little chick myself but found them to both be very sweet "old ladies" (meaning that they were probably in their 30's at that time.) They will be allowed out into the Big World this coming Friday. We shall see what happens.
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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Deer resistant? It does not appear so! DOEreen dined heartily on it today. She has also eaten the hairy, scratchy leaves of a gourd vine as well as totally wiping out my fenced-in-but-not-well-enough potato vines.
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Monday, July 06, 2009

might as well feed them my daisy dollars


But how cute is this? There are two. (babies, that is) This is Doereen and the larger of the twins. The twins are still being stashed in different places in the yard. They are about 8 days old.
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Sunday, July 05, 2009

explosions of color

Goodness, I wasn't sure this Painted Lady would ever stay still long enough on the Verbena bonariensis to be captured in pixels. (That is a Painted Lady, is it not?)

Chicory is something I have tried to grow for at least ten years without success so this was a Grande Surprise in the Not-so-Secret-Garden this weekend. Of course I can't remember if I bought it at a native plant sale, or scattered it from a native plants seed packet...or if it just blew in on its own, but its here now and I love it!

Neighbor Karen hosted the 4th of July Feast and Fireworks again this year. We all ate too much, drank a lot (but not THAT much) and enjoyed Brett's fireworks display. It was an amazingly cool 4th for Sacramento. Last weekend we had 108°. We didn't make it much past 90° this weekend.

When we donned our 3-D glasses, this is how the fireworks looked. All we were missing were the "special brownies"!
Obviously, the camera's "eye" saw the same thing when I made it "wear" the glasses. Cool psychedelics, Man.
I spent most of today eating the week's worth of leftovers that I brought home last night. WHY do I do this to myself?
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

in the Not-So-Secret-Garden

Sedum anglicum & California fuchsia
Rudbeckia and California fuchsia
"Pete", the remaining yearling twin of Doereen's last year's production.

Pete had jumped over the fence while I was looking with amazement at the newly sprouted asparagus. He was quite surprised to find me there..he'd leaped over the virginia Creeper covered picketty fence and landed just a few feet from me. We doe-se-doed around the hummock until I was "on the flat" and he was hiding behind the asparagus.

and dang it, now I have to go to my "real" job.
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