Friday, December 29, 2006

The holidaze 2006

Tim & Leslie sit near me-in-hat and my friend...not sure which friend this would be...she's too hefty to be Angela and her hair isn't cute like Karen's. She's wearing little heels so it can't be Penny with her bum foot. Chris never wears dresses. She is too sedate to be any of the Lynch Sisters. I guess she's just some woman who happened to be sitting on the bench when we swooped in.

Mark and Jennifer joined us next. If the day hadn't been so cold we probably would have had even more fun with the camera. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 15, 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like...I'm running out of time

No way am I gonna' get everything done before the kids start arriving next Saturday! Too many interruptions; practice taking pictures with new camera, decorate Xmas tree (the one in the house), wrap presents, find lump of coal for brother, prune Lantana (WHY does that stuff smell so awful?!), find glasses which fell off head somewhere on this 2.5 acres, clean kitty litter box, play with camera, write notes in Xmas cards...try to remember how to draw letters....e-mail does terrible things to one's use of English as well as one's penmanship...gather egg...(yes, that's right. One hen is laying an egg every other day in the box by the patio door. I have no idea where the other hen is depositing her eggs.) , Order one more thing from has time to clean the house? A coating of dog hair is a good thing. It will insulate us from the cold. We will gain more fiber in our diets. We will all become blond. Washed one window. Dusted one room.
Had to take another picture of the Christmas cactus. In my defense, it was slightly windy out today. That and I can't seem to hold the camera STILL. But, if you click on the picture to enlarge it, it isn't that bad! Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 08, 2006

Mother Nature's Christmas colors

I can't think of one clever thing to say about anything so you'll just get to look at the pretty plant life and make up your own story. Posted by Picasa


Oops. Someone gently reminded me this morning that it was the WOLF who huffed & puffed. NOT the 3 pigs. Hey, I was tired. ;>)

Good thing Maud got her rain poncho on today because the storm blew in at 6:50pm and it is a wet one. It felt like the Three Gigantamous Pigs were huffing and puffing and about to blow the house down for a few minutes but it seems to be more rain than wind now. Odd to have wind gusts from the sw. I hear an overflowing gutter outside the den window. Overflowing or has it too rotted through? I'm just not real brave about climbing up ladders any more. Did get the front gutters and the south gutters de-leafed recently
but sort of, um, forgot, about the gutters on the north side. Posted by Picasa