Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy mollusk

This abalone shell was feeling very neglected so I bought it a couple of Tillandsias (tillandsai?) while in San Francisco and now it smiles broadly whilst cradling them.

Ya know, I am quite willing to share plants or flowers with anyone who asks, but when I looked out my front window and saw some woman picking every damn tulip and whatever else she could get her hands on in my front yard this evening, my sweet side vanished. She claimed that she was new to this country and "didn't know", said she was "sorry", and jumped back across the ditch before I could
demand that she give me the flowers back. Not that I was going to demand any such thing..but it did cross my perplexed mind that it would be fun to have a remote controlled tazer.
One of my neighbors came home to find a woman picking (and bagging!) every orange off her front yard tree. My neighbor, being not a pansy like me, took all the oranges away from the woman.
Another friend just told me of the day some woman, who didn't live in her neighborhood, was found clipping a nice bouquet of roses from my friend's front yard bushes. She didn't tell me what she did about it but I'll wager that the woman went away empty handed and with her ears ringing. ;>) People just never cease to amaze me. I could never be a police officer. I'd arrest half the world for felony stupidity... but where would we put them? Go say something nice to a cop. They have to deal with much worse crap than pilfered posies....EVERY DAY! Posted by Picasa


Blackswamp_Girl said...

"Felony stupidity"... I LOVE it! And I'm glad that you made the mollusk shell happy, but I'm sorry about your experience with the woman. I totally don't buy the "I'm new to the country, I didn't know..." I can't imagine any place where that is okay!

GirlGoneGardening said...

at least she only took the tulips...

in my CA garden, people would pull up the irises, and leave the plants lying to die in the sun jsut so they could take the flowers...Used to piss me off so much. And it just wasnt with irises either!