Monday, April 02, 2007

Silver squill, aka Ledebouria Socialis. At least, that's what I was told when I bought it. It certainly looks like silver squill. I guess I am confused because when I "googled" it, all the sites said "small plant only 6" in height..."
This clump has some 13" leaves along with the 6-inchers.
It must be the gardener in me. I was sure this was a Joe Camel planter. When I "googled" him, turns out he's supposed to be a can holder! Well, what do they know? He seems to have a fine head for sedum!
I check this bud every morning. It is a good 1" across making it the fattest clematis bud ever noted on this place. The flower ought to be spectaculendous! Since it didn't bloom last year but is planted in the white garden, it must be a white clem. The second bud is almost as big. Flower pictures will be posted just as soon as they can be taken. Posted by Picasa


Gotta Garden said...

Oh, I love the Joe Camel planter! And, that's some clematis bud...can't wait to see it open!

Kristi said...

The Joe Camel Planter is hilarious!

Rob B said...

I am quite sure your plant is Ledebouria socialis, as it looks just like one. Its tought to put Ls in a box, as I am researching whether it is a succulent or not.

As to the JC planter, most prime. I want one for some semperviviums or sedums!