Monday, March 19, 2007

They're taking over my world!

Wild onions! Chasmanthe! Vinca! Oxalis! Bamboo! And I'm SO far behind!! The weed-whacker got a lot of exercise yesterday and the mower got a little. Trouble with the mower is that the mower pusher can't often tell what may be hiding in the onions, chasmanthe,vinca, or oxalis. Hence the weed-whacker. Its a much less disturbing noise one hears when the whacker string hits a solid object than when a mower blade does the same. My mower blades pretty much always look like they've spent time in some horrid war.

Note to readers who may have deer issues; They won't eat wild onion, chasmanthe, oxalis, bamboo nor vinca. But be careful what you wish for.

It doesn't take much looking around this 2.5 acres to understand why I wish to go running back to a smaller yard, or even a small acreage IF most of it is fenced for livestock. All these weeds combined with all the traffic down here is giving me nightmares. And/or claustrophobia. (fenced in by weeds. fenced in by traffic) No, this country girl needs some breathing space. A nice bucolic town with a library and a left leaning population...ahhh. Heaven. Yes, I do remember that snakes are plentiful there. That's why I name them all Fred. Fred can change length, color, diameter..I tell myself this. ONE snake of many colors. Not 40 gazillion to surprise the bejezus out of me. We have never ever found any snakes on this property. I used to run into the occasional alligator lizard but I haven't even seen any of those the past few years. (they're probably hiding in the WEEDS!) And yes, I do remember that it rains more than here. This is ok. The sun also shines in Oregon. Once in awhile.

I suppose I ought to get off my duff and put the mower to work. All of this stuff needs to be dealt with before it dries out and becomes a fire hazard. Firemen are pretty high on my HEROS list but having my property in flames is not how I want to meet them.

Besides, the yard is so untidy that even a few freshly mowed pathways will improve its appearance as well as my mood.

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Gotta Garden said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better...I have chickweed everywhere! Hang in there! It sounds like you miss Oregon a great deal.

Ellen said...

"A nice bucolic town with a library and a left leaning population...ahhh. Heaven."

Yes, it is heaven here in Portland. Moved up from the Bay Area 3 years ago. Yes, more rain. Yes, more snakes (and I love seeing them.) Haven't seen (or smelled) a skunk in 3 years, and it's nice not to have to plan my day around rush hour traffic.

This was my first visit to your blog. I look forward to reading more

Weeder said...

gotta garden, I forgot to mention my chickweed. ;>) Also the "sticky willie" (bedstraw). Didn't mention the Bermuda only because it is just now starting its comeback. What ever would we grouse about if not for weeds? :>)

ellen!You're in PDX! Lucky you! I plan on only going as far as Corvallis but I do love PDX too. Have kids there and old friends there and lots of good memories.Do you have a blog?

Floribunda said...

I'm with you on the vinca. I ripped out a front yard full of nasty junipers and diseased vinca. Tilled the heck out of the soil, amended, planted new stuff... and lo and behold, the vinca is back! This time at least it's healthy. Those little periwinkle flowers are charming, and just in time to keep company with a volunteer spattering of California poppies that must have drifted over from the neighbor's.

I enjoy your blog, and hope you'll keep posting after you move.