Saturday, March 24, 2007

SF Garden Show

These are just a few of my favorite things at this year's San Francisco Flower & Garden Show.
Some day I may remember to WRITE DOWN the names of the plants and/or artists as I take the pictures. Please forgive me as this was the first flower & garden show I got to take my little digital camera to! It takes me awhile (years) to get my act together.

The Bromeliads were fabulous. Most would fare better in the coastal climate than here in the hot interior altough, one could surely create the proper micro climate and enjoy many of them .. Jack Frost probably being the biggest bug-a-boo. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure that the biggest display of Bromeliads was done by The Bromeliad Society of San Francisco.

The show was also a succulent lover's heaven. Not only were the big displays causing viewers to drool but there were many vendors selling a vast selection of succulents to willing buyers. If it weren't for my housing being currently "up in the air" I probably would have filled Angela's van with llittle potted thingies. I did buy a couple of Tillandsias because they look like sea plants and there was a lonely abalone shell in my kitchen.

Wondering what to do with Aunti Silvie's old silverware collection? I am always a sucker for this kind of art. If it weren't for the fact that I am a born klutz, I would take up welding.

Will post more pictures later. Right now the job-that-pays- the-bills is calling. Posted by Picasa


OldRoses said...

My first commet may or may not have "stuck" so this is a "do-over".

I cheat and take pictures of the labels too! So my photo stream consists of plant, sign, plant, sign, plant, sign, etc. etc. Try it! It really works. And no one has to know!

C.C. said...

No apologies needed. I'm so glad someone went and took some pictures. I just couldn't pry myself away this year. Wanted to, but couldn't.