Saturday, March 24, 2007

more from SF

This is the missing photo from below. It was REALLY hard not to buy orchids!
Hibiscus are so very lovely and do so well here that if they weren't considered a delicacy by the resident deer population, there would be rows of them in my yard.

5 mph traffic on the Bay Bridge. I did a good job of banishing all thoughts of the '89 earthquake from my mind until we were safely on the whole earth side of the bay. Actually, just willing the other vehicles to stay in their own lanes and not attempt to play destruction derby kept me well occupied. Once a lady tried to merge into us on the way to SF. On the way home we watched two cars in front of us attempt to merge into our lane from the left and from the right. There are entirely too many lanes of too many cars all going too fast. (except for when we were all going 5 mph. 5 mph would be fine if not for owning a 6 oz bladder. L o n g way between potty stops even at 60 mph!) Posted by Picasa

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