Monday, March 05, 2007


The kumquats did survive all that nasty mischief that Jack Frost tossed at them in January! Whether it was the sheets ever so carefully (not) wrapped around the tree or the natural canopy of the olive trees, the fruit was saved from freezing. (whew. What a crummy sentence that is!)

Somewhere I have a formula for yummy sounding kumquat/oatmeal cookies. Its probably hiding under my cauldron. I will miss having fresh citrus when I move back north.

More signs of spring; The clematis is coming back to life. Make that "clemati"...there are several.

And of course, there is the Sea of Chasmanth..

Annoying, yet it is bound to be prettier than the mc mansions that will no doubt be built over it. I won't ever come back to see the progress (destruction), preferring to remember the place as my exclusive play area, as my parents' wonderful flower and vegetable gardens, as the place my dear brother handed sweet, little, innocent me an olive right off the tree and said "Here eat this." It isn't easy to give up the homestead but its too much for one person to keep up. The water costs keep going up, gasoline for the mower keeps going up, I keep getting older...the house keeps getting older...the traffic continues to get worse...and Oregon is calling me back. Thank goodness (and my wonderful friend, AL) for digital cameras!

It is possible that the guys won't get their funding and the sale will fail. I hope its a "go". It would be nice, I think, to spend my later years doing something besides mowing weeds & chasmanthe and moving sprinklers all the time. Now if I could just convince my friends and brother to move north too! Posted by Picasa


C.C. said...

I'm hoping this isn't a blog "swan song". Hope the sale goes in your favor, as I can see it is what you want. But will you show us your garden in Oregon?

Best Wishes.

Weeder said...

I'll be yardening wherever I end up if and when this place sells and of course I'll just HAVE to talk about it! ;>) Hopefully there will be a nice little place for sale in Corvallis that has had the blessings & caressings of gardeners and which has a price tag that I can afford.

C.C. said...

Oh, I love Corvallis. I'm sending good vibes that you'll find the perfect place. Best of luck.

Weeder said...

Thanks c.c. I've been enamored with Corvallis since my first visit in the '60's.