Saturday, March 24, 2007


Oh to be able to tell you that these are my orchids and blooming ever so nicely in my house. I could tell you that but I would be telling whoppers. I've yet to get an orchid to re-bloom after bringing it home or receiving it as a gift. They need more better brighter light and that stuff..oh yeah, fertilizer! There should be a bi-weekly (and monthly) alarm on this computer that not only tells me to go fert. whatever is in dire need at the moment but which also won't allow me to read my e-mail until the fertilizing is done.

Much drooling was done on the orchids but neither Angela nor I least, not for orchids. :>)

Hey! What's up with this blogger? I moved 3 photos over here but there are only two showing! Remedial Blogging 101. That's what I need.

Looks like the SF Flower & Garden Show is going to be in several little posts. Again, I apologize for not having the names of things. Maybe next year. Posted by Picasa

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Kristi said...

Oh those orchids are so beautiful, look at all the different colors and shapes.