Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bird House Boot

A friend has loaned me his BIG blue bootie for awhile. It helps in that it doesn't allow me to "torque" the leg but my posture has gone all a'squizzle so my back is sort of grumpy. I only wear the BBB when I have to stand for hours (at work). My days off have been spent on the couch with the leg up on a pillow and my mind in a book so the house is being taken over by dust bunnies and assorted fur balls. The yard is a disaster. I have managed to hobble out to keep the bird feeders full though. What a wonderful month it has been for bird watching from my windows!
We are in dire need of rain however. A record dry January is not a good thing. Posted by Picasa

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C.C. said...

That was a nasty tangle with the ladder. Hope you are feeling better soon, Weeder!