Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Sure do wish that deer would eat Chasmanthe.
Both of my mowers are out of commission at the moment or I'd be out there whacking the stuff down. Problem is, I never know what might be hiding in it...which is precisely why mower #2 is out of commission. It tried to eat a pile of hidden rocks.
This young buck is not Buckly, the 4-point buck who laid around here for a week this fall, but is a forked horn. The horns are hard to see..try clicking on the photo to make 'em bigger. We saw at least 20 of his relatives at Ancil Hoffman Park this weekend. there are probably another 60 that we didn't see. Posted by Picasa


Karen Weeder Rooney said...

Hey, I am a real, biological Weeder, and there aren't many of us left, as far as I know. My family was Dutch and settled in New Jersey. The only other time I ever saw my last name was on the "tube" (PATH) from NY to NJ where I saw a familiar looking young man with that name on his briefcase. Anyway, I also live in N Ca, and value trees and animals above most other things. Talk?

Weeder said...

Hey Karen. Just a habitual weeder here, not biological. Although, I do come from a long line of farmers so it is genetic. ;>)

C.C. said...

Happy New Year to you too! Holidays went by really fast, eh? Just walking around the "neighborhood" & thought I'd say howdy.

And you're right, why can't the deer eat the out of control weeds??

GirlGoneGardening said...

I used to walk in Ancil all the time...miss it. Its nice this time of year there. Alwasy saw turkeyes and deer.