Saturday, January 13, 2007


Its colder than a banker's heart! Oh. Wait. Bankers don't have hearts. Sometimes I forget. It was cold enough last night to to turn the Princess Bush into the Dilapidated Dungeon Damsel. Since the sun had gone to bed by the time I got home from work, I have no idea (but a good guess) as to what the citrus trees look like. What a shame. (yeah, I'm guessing they were given the evil eye by Jack Frost) The kumquat had the biggest crop in years on it. The camera and I will wander out to look at the carnage in the morning. The thermometer claims 28* out at 9:00pm. The cat is not into playing his usual "I'm on the wrong side of the door!" game this evening. He made a stab at it but decided to stay inside after the third time out. The dog is sweetly warming my side of the bed. WHAT a good dog!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

My dog did the same for me last night... and will definitely have her work cut out for her this week when it drops into the teens here! Sorry to hear about your lost plants--is the worst of the cold behind you now?

Weeder said...

Whatever would we do without our doggies! And, she doesn't "foof" and then fluff up the covers as husbands are wont to do. ;>0
We might actually warm up and get some rain by the middle of the week. YOU folks have much colder weather than we do so my whining must seem silly.:>)