Sunday, January 14, 2007

after another cold night

These are the same camellias I "shot" yesterday. They are not as perky today. Looking a wee bit jaundiced now, don't you think? Phoebe and I took a short walk this morning. The sunshine was bright but we both came home with freezer burns on our noses thanks to the breeze and subsequent wind chill. Before we left, I whacked the ice on her water took more than one whack! I really didn't expect the ice to be an inch thick! This is Sac. County after all, not Klamath Friggin' Falls. Ok. So the ice on the water troughs up there was 4" to 6" thick and the temperature was well below freezing the winter that I am currently remembering. That was the winter that I learned I could split wood easily if I thought of my ex and that if kindling was needed, I'd just think of the "lady" he ran off with. It worked like a charm. My dad died that winter too. It was a very sucky year.

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