Sunday, January 21, 2007

Phoebe (and Dawson, but mostly Phoebe)

Three years ago, the day after Thanksgiving, my brother, a friend of his, and I went to Consumnes River Preserve to see the Sand Hill Cranes. We stopped at their lovely covered shelter/office building to have our lunch and watched a little blond dog wander from human group to human group. I had recently lost my Doberman, Ruby, to a neurological disease and really wasn't ready for a new dog. Besides, this dog was anything but a Doberman, which, other than their lousy health issues, is my favorite breed.
"I wonder if she has been dumped?" mused my brother's friend. "Kinda looks that way" said I. The Brother suggested we ask the staff inside the office. They said "Yes. It happens often. She
was here when we got here early this morning. We'll lock her in the barn tonight and have Animal Control pick her up in the morning." 'Um, No you won't." I said. "I'll take her. But here's my name and number in case someone comes looking for her." I never heard from them.

A week or two later I took her to the vet, had her checked for an identification chip, which she didn't have, but does now, and made arrangements for her vaccinations and spaying. The rest is history.

Someone sent me a fwd. that they had received and I will share the gist of it with you;

Dear Whomever, Wherever,

You lost a dog, I don't know how. Or maybe you died, or just gave her up, I don't know which but I do know that she was somebody's.\ pet. She had (and has) boundless energy, never met a human that she didn't like, and knew the basic commands. She was just coming into her first heat and perhaps that was the reason she was abandoned. I doubt that she just wandered off because she is very loyal. She was never mistreated, of that I am positive.

She appears to be Dingo and Labrador Retriever. In truth, I think she is a reincarnated palomino cutting horse.

Whatever she is, she is loved. She is safe, warm and vocal. She plays well with others. She is learning not to jump up on people. She gets along well, and has from the start I might add, with the chickens, the cat, big people, little people, and deer, which she does not chase. She will chase squirrels and the stray cats and has never caught either. She is not the Great Mole Slayer that Ruby was but has been known to dispatch moles and rats.

So I just want you to know, whomever you are, that the little blond dog that I'm sure you loved at some point and which you lost for whatever reasons, is very much loved in her new home. Posted by Picasa


Angela said...

That's so sweet. Really makes me wonder if I did the right thing by separating my new pups from the old cat. Maybe I should let them learn to get along.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Awww... I have tears in my eyes. That's such a lovely little letter. I'm so glad that the two of you found each other, Weeder.