Friday, February 02, 2007

Its Spring!!!!

What to my wondering eyes should appear but quince blooms this morning! Oh my gosh, it really is February...which is the start of Spring in these parts. We certainly are lacking in rainfall though.

The infamous bird house is back atop the infamous post as of today and the body did not fall off of the ladder this time! Needless to say, the three-legged ladder was used. Correctly. The leg is feeling better which makes me happy that I didn't spring for the x-ray (more money to spend on plants! woo-hoo!) and my imagination is beginning to believe that there isn't a blood clot at the back of my calf after all.

The bridal wreath just can't wait another day to show signs of life either. Dunno which variety this one is but it has been here longer than I have so qualifies as an heirloom.

There is a daffodil in bloom but I forgot to take its picture. A few violets and the hellabores are adding color to the otherwise frozen brown landscape. There are buds on the chasmanthe.
Yes, it is Spring. Posted by Picasa

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