Friday, July 17, 2009

Verna & Atha's Big Day Out




I opened the chicken pen door a little bit ago and watched the girls mosey out. I was so afraid that Roostie would immediately um, hug them, but he knew his job was to teach them how to scratch for food and he took to the task immediately...sent leaves just a'flyin', he did. But what's this? I just peeked out to see the girls hovering around their pen door and Roostie is up here by the house! Has he gotten so frustrated by their lack of enthusiasm that he has quit as their teacher? Oh my. The drama.
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Anonymous said...

I love the adventure!! The names are great too. There is a good chance we will be adding to the duck population soon. Seems a recently laid off mathe teacher from Estacada has taken up raising feathered friends for profit, thus the name Oregon Peeps. In the future he will incubate the eggs so we can actually increase our flock. Haven't had much luck the other way