Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Old Hens


May I introduce you to Atha (red) and Verna (blond)? They came to live with us the night before last and hopefully their little chicken brains are processing the fact that this is The Safe Place to go into every evening. The plan is to let them roam "free range" to gorge on snails and other delicacies during the daylight hours. This may be a joke as they not only seem to be ancient girls but also refugees from a factory-type egg operation. They don't really know how to act like chickens! I've seen only a little scratching in the pile of leaf mold that they are currently living upon. Mostly they just stand around, staring at each other or sometimes watching Roostie as he struts around their pen bragging on what a Big Stud Rooster his little Bantam body is really. Why, these sweet old spinsters are most certainly virgins...do I dare let them out for rapeage and pillage? (I know. Spellcheck wasn't impressed either)
The girls were named after two ladies who lived in this neighborhood back in the 40's and 50's, Atha O'Brian and Verna Loveall. I was just a little chick myself but found them to both be very sweet "old ladies" (meaning that they were probably in their 30's at that time.) They will be allowed out into the Big World this coming Friday. We shall see what happens.
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Bill Stankus said...

The Colonel is on his way!

weeder1 said...

I think they would have to be stew..too old for fried. ;>)