Sunday, July 05, 2009

explosions of color

Goodness, I wasn't sure this Painted Lady would ever stay still long enough on the Verbena bonariensis to be captured in pixels. (That is a Painted Lady, is it not?)

Chicory is something I have tried to grow for at least ten years without success so this was a Grande Surprise in the Not-so-Secret-Garden this weekend. Of course I can't remember if I bought it at a native plant sale, or scattered it from a native plants seed packet...or if it just blew in on its own, but its here now and I love it!

Neighbor Karen hosted the 4th of July Feast and Fireworks again this year. We all ate too much, drank a lot (but not THAT much) and enjoyed Brett's fireworks display. It was an amazingly cool 4th for Sacramento. Last weekend we had 108°. We didn't make it much past 90° this weekend.

When we donned our 3-D glasses, this is how the fireworks looked. All we were missing were the "special brownies"!
Obviously, the camera's "eye" saw the same thing when I made it "wear" the glasses. Cool psychedelics, Man.
I spent most of today eating the week's worth of leftovers that I brought home last night. WHY do I do this to myself?
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Becky said...

Wasn't it a perfect day? We went to lake Natoma (burr) and enjoyed our day.

Sam said...

I saw some chicory up at Nevada City today - I knew that flower had just been pictured somewhere! I wouldn't have know what it was had it not been for your post.

Sam said...

I just saw some chicory in Nevada City today - I wouldn't have known what it was without seeing your post.