Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oh yeah. What also came home with me

I must be in a Purple Mood this week because today a drop-dead georgeous Hardenbergia came home with me...along with the lawnmower (which is gray, not purple....yet).Its almost 5' tall (in the 5 gallon can) consequently, standing it up in the back of the truck and driving off to work would have resulted in a naked vine after 2 miles. So....it got gently crammed into the cab with me. I did make sure that I could see all three mirrors. (Everybody knows I tend to be a sucker for cops and firemen but I would have been mortified if an officer had "lit me up" and pulled me over for a safety check.)There were some startled and odd looks aimed at me from other drivers. (Gosh, doesn't everyone want to drive with a live halo of pretty purple flowers dancing on their head?) But I digress. Where am I to plant this beauty? The Hardenbergia's previously planted just didn't get enough sunshine and this yard is no less shady than it was 7 years ago. Well, it is in a few places where 100 year old olive trees finally toppled in wind storms but there are other issues not condusive to Happy Hardenbergias in those areas. Deer may not be fond of this plant under normal circumstances but with the drought, the leaves would probably end up on their "mmmm. Nummy!" list. Phoebe will probably have it growing in her yard. Lucky dog. She gets all the pretty flowers. Lucky me, I get to see them out my den window. Life is Good. I'm listening to President Obama and trying not to leap up to join in the standing ovations he keeps getting.

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chuck b. said...

Hardenbergia is fun to have. You're probably planted it already...I recommend putting it somewhere where you can train the vines into interesting shapes. I'm thinking about getting another one and training into big looping, interlocking circles on the back fence.

Daffodil Planter said...

Hi, just found you through Garden Bliss' list of Sacto area blogs.That Hardengergia stopped me in my tracks! Lucky you!

I am in Nevada City and will add you to my blog roll.

weeder1 said...

yeah Chuck, I'm still trying to come up with "the perfect plan" for that still georgeous Hardenbergia. Since its gonna live in the dog's yard, I can't plant it too close to the racetrack..ie; the fence line. Unless...I make a hardenbergia tunnell! hey!

Thank you Daffodil Planter!