Friday, February 27, 2009

Fantabulous Spring Day!

It was hard to stay "on task" today because there is so much to do and there are so many distractions. Inbetween exercising the weed-whacker and the rake and the electric leaf blower, the camera got to be handled (with dirty fingers)and a few things got their pictures taken. This is the "baby" Stellata magnolia from Mom's big one on the other side of the yard. It begged for a photo op as I was hauling a big bag of potting soil to the half full wine barrel bottom..from which I had just extricated a bazillion root bound asters and at least two gazillion, I didn't intentionally move the ants; they just leapt upon my hands and went along for the ride. So now my hands look like dried apricots (again, from the dirt, not the ants)and if I don't remember to splash some nail polish on my fingernails before I leave for work in the morning, the public will be horrified. (good thing I don't work in food service)


The Chasmanthe is pretty but there really, really is too darn much of it on this place. I try to enjoy the prettiness and not think about all the mowing of same that will have to be done soon. Why, WHY don't the deer eat this stuff?!


Flowering quince has been one of my favorites since I was old enough to notice flowers. Also violets. mmmmmm!!


Dawson got to go outside during the daylight hours today but only until he was seen stalking the albino pigeon. Before he got into mischief he was pretending to be the Great White Panther. Or something. He's 12 years old. He thinks he's 6 years old. I can relate to that sort of thinking. Currently (for the past few months) the Beatles have been singing in my head; "Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm SIXTY-FOUR?" Guess I'll have the answer in a month. No! No! I'm only 46. Someone's gone dsylexic on me! I can't possibly be this old!Funny thing about "time". I used to joke that since my first marriage lasted 7 years and my 2nd marriage lasted 14, I was going to stay single for 21 years and then "marry for money". This morning it occurred to me that I have, indeed, been on my own for 21 years now. So where's my prince? (He doesn't really have to have a lot of money. A great sense of humor, great health, and a kind heart will do.) I'd add "great health insurance" but as I don't really want to get married again, that's a moot point.


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Lisa Paul said...

Beautiful flowers! I hope you are going to plant some vegetables so I can check in and get some tips. Having a hard time learning this all when most of the gardening books are for cold climates.

Anonymous said...

no postings since Feb? come on girl, tis the season. love your photos. learned a new plant chasmanthe that i wont plant because of the rampant spreading. any tips on weeding, my big problem. can relate to the single thing, it's shocking how fast the years go by. does anybody know what this sticky, rapidly spreading weed that showed up a few years ago is?

weeder1 said...

Anon~there are several posts since Feb! Whatcha lookin' at? Do you need to hit refresh? ;>)
That sticky weed is called "Sticky Willie" I kid you not. It is also called "bedstraw". Icky-sticky!