Friday, February 13, 2009



I have wanted to blog about this idiotic sign ever since it went up a few years ago. In case you can't make out the words it warns "CAUTION! TREES NEAR ROADWAY." Now then, just how dumb does a person have to be to NOT notice the trees without having to be told about them? And if they need a sign to warn them about the presence of the HUGE trees, should they be driving at all? And do we really think they are going to read the sign anyway? No, most are not. The sign went up on a very busy 4-lane Blvd. a few years back but still, when I mention the sign to people who are known to use that Blvd., they will often ask "What sign? What are you talking about?" There are two signs; one at either end of this half mile stretch. Not to mention that there are trees along pretty much all of the streets, avenues, boulevards and lanes in Sacramento County...or at least the Greater Sacramento Area...and yet, this is the only stretch of roadway that warns drivers of the trees. I've never felt the trees trying to suck my vehicle off the road.
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Bill Stankus said...

Maybe they're Bully Trees... Mugger Trees perhaps or even Roving Trees.

~Deirdre said...

HaHa! I love civic idiocy.
Some jerk probably ran their car into one of them and sued the some "clever" city official put up a sign to avoid any further litigation.

weeder1 said...

Actually, there have been a few tragic deaths along that stretch of road and I do feel bad for their families. Its just the placement of the signs that irks me..why didn't they put those signs along every other "treed" road in the county? Its just silly. The signs are money not well spent in my humble opinion.