Sunday, February 22, 2009

Helleborous orientalis



After nosing around looking at new shoes, a bathrobe, a purse,a tablecloth and rejecting them all as "things I don't really need", my resolve was rock solid ... which made me think I could just pop into Windmill Nursery and ONLY LOOK there too. WRONG. But golly gee whiz! How could anyone pass up this georgeous "black" Hellebore? It would have been more of a drain on my checkbook had I gotten shoes and a tablecloth and a bathrobe, that made the $24.49 price tag seem like a pittance. It could be my early birthday present to myself, right?
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Bill Stankus said...

Never met a Helleborous that I couldn't pass up. Besides, what is it and whatever it is the bugs and snails can but their own food,

weeder1 said...

Huh? You been in the 2 buck chuck Bill? that last sentence....I'm confused.

The snails and slugs and DEER ignore this plant. Whoopie!