Sunday, February 22, 2009





Oh my gosh! I've been "fighting" ants off and on all winter. They sneak into my kitchen from ... where? I've tried to follow their trails but they just dissappear. And then the ants reappear as if by magic. Lately they have been showing up in the corner kitchen window area. They appeared to be gone last night but this morning there was a clogged ant highway on part of the window sill. It looked like the L.A. freeway system at rush hour.On further inspection, the trail led to one of my potted orchids. There is an entire ant coloney in that orchid! I have been drowning ants ever since I got up this morning and still there are more! Now I'm geting angry because in my attempts to wash the ants off the orchid, the top spike broke. Yes, it had buds. Where's that anteater when I need it? I'd gladly put the orchid outside in the rain if the Flicker would swoop down to dine but the Flicker prefers to yelp at me from the top of a Liquid Amber. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!
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Angela said...

My kitchen orchids have ants too. The only weapon in my favor now is Terro Liquid Ant Bait, recently picked up at Emigh Hardware. That stuff is AMAZING and put a huge dent in the kitchen sink area ant population.

Nickie said...

oh PUKE! See, this is why I moced away from CA! Ants...*shudder*...just sickening. At elast indiana ants have sence enough to stay outside!!

weeder1 said...

Well Nickie, I have found ants not to be partial to state; they're
everywhere. I don't mind them at all except when they invade my house or crawl up my pants legs. They're just little food disposals afterall, doing what Mother Nature intended for them to do. We must co-exist.