Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tired of having issues with gas powered mowers, knowing this body needs a LOT of exercise, and a sale, made me buy this dandy push mower today. Its a reel, for real. Pheobe checked it out and pronounced it "ok"..just "ok" because she prefers things that roar. The gas powered mowers for instance. Or the electric leaf-blower. Or even the weed-whacker. The vacuum cleaner gets high points too but turn on the hair dryer and she's gone.


We'll have to work on her pushing technique.


Newly mowed weed patch. I feel so GREEN! Oh, I am green. Grass stains.

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Bill Stankus said...

Right. So how about bringing your eco mower for a visit during the spring. We have a grass/weed mix that grows about 4-5 inches a week. And it's floppy soft from all the rain. Maybe an acre of it ... on a hillside. It will be fun. Just keep 911 on your speed dial, ya know, in case of cardiac problems.

Blogking said...

If you're looking for eco-friendly tools for the outdoors, definitely give Ordertree.com a shot. They have mowers, trimmer, etc. that are all eco-friendly.

weeder1 said...

discovered that I am more out of shape than I thought! That little bit of mowing I did yesterday had me feeling about 60 years older this morning. Yikes! spring can't oome too soon! I believe I'll pass on your ofer Bill. :>)

Blogking, I prefer to do my shopping as close to home as possible but that looks like an interesting site alright.