Saturday, November 01, 2008

fall color and shroomies

The color show that the Virginia Creeper puts on in the fall makes all its other naughtiness bearable. This was my greeting upon arriving home after work yesterday.
And this morning's greeting was Gnorris-the-Gnome standing waist-deep in a brand new crop of shroomies. Or toadies? I'm too lazy to look these things up right now. Maybe my daughter will happen to look at this blog and leave her educated guess. She's "into" fungi.

He needs a little OBAMA sign that won't run in the rain. ;>)
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chuck b. said...

I envy your mushrooms! I never get any! Maybe I should water more. I like how they're just there all the sudden.

East-Side patch said...

Fantastic shot of the virginia creeper. Amazing color.