Sunday, November 23, 2008



and no smell!
What a nice surprise greeted me 2 mornings ago! I guessed that the flower would be 10" to 12" across and

when it did finally open (during the day) it was, indeed 12" across. It does not smell bad. In fact two noses have deemed it having no smell at all. This appears to be normal for the Stapelia grandiflora, which is what I think this one is.

Thanks again Leslie, my Darling Daughter, for sharing your plant with me!


chuck b. said...

I'm the first to say Congratulations!

(Congratulations to me!)

Your stapelia is lovely and it doesn't smell! Amazing how a flower so earthy and seductive comes from that blah blah succulent gray tissue.

Frances said...

What a fantastic flower! Chuck B. sent me over with his link and said to sniff? He is such a joker. :-)

weeder1 said...

Yes, it was almost disappointing to give the thing a good "snurf" and not recoil, gagging and laughing. Angela came by and gave it a good sniff too ..nothing, nada. But I gather this is common. Apparently it would or could stink if grown indoors?

Chloe Marguerite said...

That is a totally cool flower!

But I'm curious what they normally smell like?

Chloe M.

weeder1 said...

Chloe, they are supposed to smell like rotting flesh. yicky, yes? ;>)I gather this one doesn't stink when it blooms outside....which makes me very glad it wasn't in the house. I'd have probably blamed the stink on the dog or the cat. Poor things!

Layanee said...

That's a big one! Very healthy and I like that pinky/mauve edge. Happy Thanksgiving!

lisa said...

Very pretty! Did flies visit to pollinate, or did they ignore it since it didn't stink? (I'm presuming it would be pollinated by flies if it's supposed to smell bad.)

weeder1 said...

Lisa, HI! Since I'm usually at work I couldn't keep a close eye on the Stapelia so I don't know if it got any visitors or not. It didn't stink so perhaps not. I'm sort of surprised the aphids didn't find it as they have pretty well checked out everything else on this place. Grrrr.

lisa said...

Aphids, eh? Bummer! Sounds like you could use a box of ladybugs to eat them. :)