Friday, October 31, 2008


We hadn't had any measurable rain since May 24th, '08, so this totally dust settling wetness that started late yesterday afternoon is most welcome. Now if we can just have a nice wet winter and a fabulous snowpack in the Sierras, we might ease our drought situation. The nearest lake to me, Folsom, is at 25% capacity. That pretty much makes it a puddle.
Nice to have a puddle from sky droppings instead of a forgotten running sprinkler...

This rain does mean that the Chasmanthe will now be springing out of the earth in great green masses, covering all manner of lawn mower obstacles and turning next spring's first mowing into an...adventure... Sure do wish the deer would develop a hunger for Chasmanthe.
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chuck b. said...

We've had rain three times so far this fall. Yay!!