Tuesday, November 25, 2008

lavender slime mold?

This stuff is growing on the inside of an old half wine barrel. I didn't realize that it was there until I cut back the mums. Can anyone ID this? I googled "purple slime mold" but nothing came up looking like this. Tried it with "lavender" too. Hey! Maybe its the standard "dog vomit slime mold" but purple because its growing in an old wine barrel! No? Well, I'm game. What do YOU think it is?
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Bill Stankus said...

Today the barrel, tomorrow your house. Next week - THE WORLD!!

Anonymous said...

That is such cool looking stuff. I have seen yellow slime mold but lavender takes the prize.

ESP said...

Purple slime?...Very HG Wells!
The Stapelia flower is completely mad. Does it smell like anything?


weeder1 said...

Hey ESP! The purple "slime" actually looks like velvet, ahh, "velveteen slime"! The stapelia was almost disappointing in that it did not give off the odor of rotting meat as they are noted to do. But then I did read somewhere that this one doesn't have a foul odor IF grown outside. Probably a good idea not to grow it as a house plant. ;>)
Happy Thanksgiving!