Thursday, December 25, 2008

thinking, thinking, thinking...

This poor old shed desperately needs a makeover. The assortment of varments that call it home are perfectly happy, but the human owner is ready for a useful-for-her building. Something for tool storage and chickens and a larger place to do artsy-fartsy projects.....mmmmmmm!!! The little studio" at the far end could become a little greenhouse. It has windows on 3 sides.

The old lath-house has terminal dryrot too. It was very classy in the 60's.

And just look at what she got for Christmas! Stylish Sheds! and four new little signs to put in the new Stylish Shed!

It would be a task but kinda fun, I think, to dismantle this old building (circa 1937) and recycle what we can into a new building. It has a concrete floor and a rotting roof and lots of little furry critters. Masks will be needed. There is an awful lot of rodent feces in there.

So now I just need to win the lottery.
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Bill Stankus said...

Dynamite is too dangerous and a suspicious fire isn't recommended. However, a rope tied to the shed with the other end tied to someone's car should do the trick.

weeder1 said...

Well now, if I took it down your way there wouldn't be much left to recycle! There might not be all that much to recycle even if we take it down piece by piece, I know, but its worth a try.

Bill Stankus said...

Watch for Black Widows, as I recall, they love old sheds.

weeder1 said...

yes, and new sheds, shoes, vents, garbage cans, mail boxes, old flower pots.........I do still apologize to them before I squash 'em though.