Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know, I know. This ain't nothin' to those of you who are dealing with mega snow, major ice, no electricity..wait, if you have no electricity you can't be reading this...but I digress. It was cold enough this morning for the birds to don their ice skates and practice for the Avian Olympics....sorry

The temperature is all the way up to 63° here in the den but still a chilly 59° in the diningroom. Did it not get this cold when Dad built the house in the 1950's and that's why there is no insulation? The single pane windows are easy to explain; my folks were ever the recyclers. I don't ever remember being cold in here when I was a kid. But hey, that's what afgans and blankies and dogs and cats are for, right? (This weather keeps up and I may be forced to get another dog! Two would be warmer than one.)

My brother used to pull me in this little red wagon when I was a wee sprout and he a gangly teenager. I'd urge him to "go faster" He would, and then he'd turn the wagon around at great speed and dump me out on the gravel driveway. I'd scream. He'd get in trouble. And then we'd do it again. Probably a good thing the tires are shot on this late '40's wagon or we'd probably do it again. We both happen to be in better shape than the wagon.

The mind wanders here.......
"911. What is your emergency?"
"There's a 75 year old man laughing hysterically and a 63 year old woman with road rash..."

I just heard part of a 9-1-1 call on the scanner;
"...falling back and landing on her entertainment center...."
Do you think he was talking about a piece of furniture or part of her anatomy?

Cold as I am, my kids are colder. Leslie is in Bend, Oregon, working nights clearing snow from parking lots and private properties and Mark & Jennifer are in Portland, Oregon, hoping that they got all their pipes wrapped, their vents sealed, and their house bunnies in deep enough straw in the garage. My grandpuppy will will be warm as toast inside with them.

One more iced birdbath.

Now I'll hit "publish post" and find all the words jumbled up at the top. Oh well. I'm too cold to care. NEED...... MORE.... COFFEE!
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