Thursday, January 08, 2009



there's supposed to be a cute photo of Phoebe and Dawson here. I noticed there is a "new and improved" version of Picasa...that's probably why I am not seeing a photo. And you are probably not seeing a photo either. Have I mentioned lately that I WANT A MAC?
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weeder1 said...

oh. there IS a photo. How am I supposed to know that a series of numbers and letters will indeed and for sure turn into a photo? Arghhhh! anyhow, Phoebe is my sweet doggie and Dawson is The Cat. Sometimes he too can be sweet. Sometimes.

Bill Stankus said...

By "Mac" I suppose you mean the really neat computer from Apple ... not the hamburger.

So which of your lively pets is the protector of life and property?

weeder1 said...

yes, the REALLY NEAT and EASY and non-crashing MAC, not the edible one.

Dawson would be the protector. He's the cat. Phoebe would sing to, lick, and leap upon anyone who ventured into the yard or house. She has yet to meet a person she doesn't consider her New Best Friend.

Angela said...

Criminally cute.

As for the Mac... get a clear cookie jar (Target has some inexpensive glass ones) and EVERY OTHER time you would normally splurge on a plant or cute garden goo ga, put the money in your "Mac-ie" jar. Won't take very long for that cash to add up to a Mac.

Besides, we can salvage, rustle or make new plantlings and goo gas! Plus, you really gotta start selling your cuttings and artistic creations on ebay and Etsy! I will show you how and can help with posting pics!

Kat Wolfdancer said...

By the way, Cheryl:
TAG you're IT!


Sam said...

Er, I'm not so sure a Mac is intrinsically easier to use than a PC. I've had this (really, really pretty and neat) piece of equipment for months now, and still have trouble figuring out how to work it. It's like moving to China with no translator.... very frustrating at times.