Sunday, December 14, 2008

my Christmas tree

Since not everybody is "coming home" for Christmas this year
buying a tree just seemed silly.
However, we needed something
and this bamboo ladder has been
begging for a use for at least 2 years.
There were orange lights and purple
lights wanting to be used, and some
el cheapo pale green plastic ornaments
from The 99 Cent Store which needed
hanging..the ornaments not the 99 Cent Store..

The sun makes a perfect "angel" in my
biased opinion. The guppies can be heard
singing "Ohhh! Pretty! Sparkly!" (They are
actually chanting "She feeds us, don't worry.
She feeds us, don't worry")

It looks better than this at night.
Really! It does!
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Bill Stankus said...

Good for you, that's great!

Katie said...

I love your tree! Now if only I could get our scrooge to do something (anything!) for Christmas, I'd be as lucky as you. :0)

weeder1 said...

Sometimes ya just gotta do it yourself. ;>) Besides, there isn't anyone else here TO do it. The dog and the cat just aren't interested in holiday decorating.