Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas mystery

When my family members were leaving my house last night, a cute snowgardener and a huge stocking (filled to excess with goodies) were discovered by the door. I have no idea as to when they arrived nor have I been able to figure out who left them...YET!

Since the humor expressed in the note about the deer and on the Peace meeting plaque fits pretty much ALL my friends, its making it very difficult to figure this out. Has to be neighbors, that much is a given.

There are little gardening ornaments, no less than three bars of soap, a bag of Sugar Daddies (not exactly what I meant when I put that on my Xmas list!), bread mix, salad dressing mix, Udder Balm..which I hope was intended for my hands...hmmm?....lip balm, a fat candy cane, note cards and a pair of cute Santa socks....all crammed into a huge stocking with deer on it. And, there was yet another filled stocking inside the big stocking. Oh yes, and the egg beater!

Since gifts had already been exchanged with most of my Obama-loving, gardening-loving, hilariously funny neighbor-friends the list is narrowed down to D and E or maybe the sneaky T and C who had been by earlier with yummy treats......None of which really have the time to individually wrap each and every item in the stocking(s)..

The Great Christmas Stocking Mystery. Thank you, whoever you are. (whomever?) I will find you! I do not for a minute believe it was the "Carmichael Colony Deer" but the "and Friends". They're all so sneaky though!

Since it isn't raining at the moment and since poor Phoebe-dog has been stuck in the house for the past few days, it is time to go for a walk. Phoebs has been itching like a maddog but has no fleas...nor has her diet maybe its boredom. She doesn't stop to scratch if her mind is occupied on other things.

Besides, there are 9,354 calories that need to be burned out of my body. A lot of food will be going to work with me tomorrow and hopefully eaten by "the boys"....the girls too but those boys can really put away the food you know.

We'd best get going before the wet clouds reappear.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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