Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wayyyy too hot here

This is why the beautiful black widow lost her home, and sadly, her life. The Human wanted a place to get cool in in a hurry. It was 108° here today. Our store's air conditioning started losing ground by 3:00pm so it was 80° in there when we left. My house was 96° when I got home. Yes, I was in the stock tank within 5 minutes of arriving home, why do you ask?

Its just big enough that if my neck rests on one side and my heels rest on the other, my body sags ever so nicely under the water in the middle. Very pleasant. I don't know what the sheriff's deputies think when they fly over in the 'COPter. Probably "Hey Vince, did you see that drowned cow in the stock tank?"

Wearing wet clothes and sitting in front of a fan helps a little bit but I certainly can't go to bed in wet clothes so that's when the plastic ice thingie from the freezer comes in to play. You know, the containers you freeze and then place in your porta-cooler to keep your wine chilled, or your tunafish sandwich from going gicky on you? It works wonderfully as a "cold water bottle" for hot feet.

This is Dawson. Dawson is not real thrilled about being a very furry cat about now. I've been trying for years to get him to enjoy brushing but he'd rather bite the brush and then go shed three or four cat's worth of fur around the house. He normally is not outside during the day but since it was so nastily hot, he didn't have the energy to hunt birds. Besides, I was right there with him....making sure.

Phoebe has her own pool. I'll try to post that tomorrow. I just know you're all waiting with baited breath to see a dog standing in a wading pool. How novel.
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Katie said...

Ok, black widows aren't my favorite, but I just feel bad now.

You totally had me at the copter thing. I think the same thing when I'm dressed like a hobo in the backyard and the cops must think I'm stealing someones vegetables.

Stay cool!

Angela said...

You rich people... always showin' off your fancy swimmin' pools.

Bill Stankus said...

I was sort of expecting to see photos of trees and grass and smoky air. Valley air must be stagnant by now - with health warnings and the rest. Whatta horrible situation.

DS says he spends lot of time in the pool just to stay sort of cool - is that the pool? Where's the diving board?

And where's the concession stand? In July I loved the snow cones at Carmichael Park, back when ...

weeder1 said...

Bill, DS must have his own pool up in S. Spgs. cuz he and K have not been down to enjoy my wonderful-even-without-diving-board pool. ;>)They have had more smoke up there than we've had down here so they must be REALLY miserable. Our air has cleared in the past 2 days..still have an orange sun and moon though.
I loved the pool at Carmichael Park. It is defunct now.