Tuesday, July 29, 2008

newest signage

Found this in Portland and just HAD to have it. I'm surprised it didn't trigger something at airport check-in. ;>) Haven't yet had anyone apply for the positions of "Weeders" or "Planters" but maybe the sign is just too far from the street. har-har-har. I have lots of pruners..in the form of deer. DOEreen and her kids, Pete & Repete, and the (possible) Dad, Tripod, plus I saw the yearling doe hiding out behind a brush-pile this weekend. She was banashed from the property by DOEreen when the twins were born.

But back to pruning. The deer have eaten all the hydrangeas down to bare sticks. The plants are sending out new growth but as soon as its a tiny mouth full, it too will be eaten. They have pruned my Heucheras, nibbled my succulents. They have taken 2/3 of the leaves off the Abutelons, the Jacobinia,(but not its cousin, the Shrimp Plant) and the Raphiolepis. Petunias were pulled from the ground. The 3' tall Phlox is currently one foot tall. They like plum leaves (yeah!) and Texas Privet. (yeah!) Unfortunately, they do not seem to care for bamboo, or nut grass, or Bermuda. On the other hand, they are leaving lots of fertilizer and they are tres' fun to watch...especially since I've found nary a tick on the dog or myself.

Someone told me that "deer won't even walk on plastic netting so you can use that on the ground instead of as a fence." Yes? Well, I watched DOEreen casually walk down a 15' stretch of plastic netting on the ground Sunday. She didn't seem to mind at all.

And yes, I am an "Obama Mama"! Isn't it refreshing to hear someone speak using correct grammer and sound like he's actually speaking to you and not just reading, in a 2nd grade fashion, the sentences placed before him? (or repeating what he's hearing in his ear piece?) I also like WHAT he says not just the WAY he says it. I saw lots on Obama signs in Portland and Corvallis and now I'm starting to see more of them around here. The McCain folks haven't started showing their support of Bush #3 yet.

My poor rickety picketty fence! The fawns muscle their way through the slats which was fine when they were not much biogger than a pussy cat. However, they are quickly becoming DEER but don't quite have the springs to get them over the fence yet. So, they still go through. It will soon be time to haul out the electric screw driver and and a handfull of screws for repairs as it just wouldn't do to have Phoebe escape into the busy street or to have stray dogs enter our Peaceful Queendom to hassle the deer.
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