Monday, July 14, 2008

I learned something today

I knew that deer were ruminants. What I didn't know, but which makes perfect sense, is that they can pig out on plums and then rid themselves of the pits at their leisure without making them go through the miles of digestive system. My goat of long ago used to eat the plums and spit the pits out right then and there.

This is a close-up of one of Tripod's favorite bedding areas. Its in Mom's old lathhouse. The second picture shows some of the hundreds of cherry plum pits. I suppose there will be a veritable forest of plum trees in that spot now. Oh I hope NOT. I detest plum trees. They know nothing of birth control and pop up EVERYwhere.
On the other hand, they do give the deer something to eat. .... Along with the Hydrangeas, Abutelons, violets, roses, Rhaphiolepsis, cuphea, some of the camellias...the list goes on...

Lots of deer poop around for fertilizer though.
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