Sunday, July 06, 2008

This is supposed to be on a side bar..I dunno how to do that.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?


MrBrownThumb said...

Place it in one of the elements labeled "html/javascript" like the other widgets you put on your sidebar.

You find it in the same pop-up window where you can put your link lists, profile, polls etc.

Lisa M. Lynch said...

Hey, I'm a morning glory. Not completely unattractive, but I glom onto stuff and drive people nuts.

I'll email you with getting it onto the side of the blog instructions if you're interested.

weeder1 said...

Oh dear, Mr Brownthumb. You are talking to someone who doesn't know a widget from a fidget! Whatever is on my sidebar now was put there by my friend, Angela, oh so many months (years?)ago. I haven't a clue. Its a wonder that I got as far as I did! ;>)But thank you!

And thank YOU too, Lisa. I don't know if I can make heads or tails outta anything in this heat. (at least, that's today's excuse)