Sunday, June 29, 2008

stinky business

This evening the little skunk started making circumbendibus forays from under the dog house to the dog yard and back. I tried making a "crumb" trail with juicy plums from the yard to the space between the gate and the house but plums weren't on its diet plan for today. It just walked right over them. (which freaked me out a little.."is it sick?")

Right on the cusp of darkness it occurred to me to get some things to block the skunk's access to Phoebe's "basement" (the dog house is on a pallet) so I dashed back to the shed area... and cursed because I'd done such a fine job of cleaning that area up and throwing away all the short 2 x 4's there wasn't much to choose from. I did grab a stainless steel "wire" shelf that appeared to be the right length to block the front of the dog house, and then snagged a fence board which would be too long but would serve the purpose of blocking the side. Upon my return to the den window, I could see the skunk way down at the other end of the dog yard so I dashed out, placed the shelf, slid a flower pot over to hold it..just as Phoebe dashed out of the house...I screamed "PHOEBE!NO!!" and, bless her little golden head, she stopped...and the skunk remained at the other end of the yard. Put the fence board down, slid two more big pots over to hold it, snagged another pot to block the space between dog house and people house...and watched as the skunk schooched itself under the fence and away. (we hope away!)
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Katie said...

Good thing Phoebe listened otherwise you might not just smell like fish emulsion!

Crossing my fingers it's gone for good. Toss those plums in a neighbors yard...! Ha!